History of the Fruitfall game (after initial release)

As a shareware game, Fruitfall was a limited success.
Lots of people liked the game, some people didn't, and some people even paid to register it.

The game was at least noticed by the industry, and in 2003 was licenced via Mass Market Media for release as a coin-op arcade game, which appeared in pubs and clubs around the UK.

In early 2004, a deal was signed for a version developed by Tuna Technologies to be released on P.C. and PS2 by budget game house Phoenix Games B.V.

Later in 2004, a deal with Rockpool Games was made to develop and release the game on J2ME mobile phones, and sister company Ironstone Partners later snapped up the rights to console versions, resulting in a release in 2006 via System 3 on Nintendo Wii, DS, PSP as "Super Fruitfall".

An iPhone version was also licenced via Rockpool Games to THQ.

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